Two flying poems

View from an Airplane

The cotton clouds,
I want to lie in them.
The clouds like fields of flowers,
I want to run in them.

But I know I can’t,
They have no substance,
I would fall clean through,
And I would fall into the ocean.

March 23, 2010

The Day the Plane Fell out of the Sky

One day the plane fell out of the sky
Flat fell out of the sky
I was going from point A to point B
And at point A and a half
The plane fell out of the sky
Its strings were cut

The clouds were thick and white that day
We had a soft landing, thankfully
We all slid down the emergency slides
Walked around this strange new land
Land that was fluffy and soft
We played in it, slept in it

One woman walked by herself
Found a place with a clear sky
Fell down
We all heard her scream

We had great fun in cloud country
But as we raided our fallen plane we found
That we did not have enough food for all
And the pilot fireed up the engines

We all had to push the plane
Push to a hole in the cloud cover
Then run to get in, a real mad dash
So we’d make it before the fall –

March 28, 2010

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